I have a small boot\file server running on windows 2000 Server... the Hard disk is failing so I duplicated it onto a new hard disk(Old and original is Maxtor)... everything runs fine and dandy... boots correctly... win2k server loads up without a hick but my biggest problem is... the server software I need to run to host my clients wont run! because it checks the serial number or something(has to confirm with the original drive.. which is dying) can any body help me? is there a way to change any serial numbers or something to the one on the dying drive?

So basically from what I know it detects the serial number of the current hard disk and compares it to the one it has on record or something... if it dont match it wont run the client software.

Anyone know how to remedy this problem? or if anyone knows how to crack it I will pay to have this problem cracked THANKS!