Whoa... bit touchy...

Okay, you picked up nasty shit on a PC because 80% of computers on the net are PC's so the spyware and virus writers code for PC's or Internet explorer/Windows.

Now if you had a PC running say CentOS Enterprise Linux and Fire Fox browser I bet you can go to the same porn site and not catch a thing. See Internet Explorer is very much tied into the OS. I do not think a browser opening a web page should ever allow a Registry change, yet it happens all the time.

As for OSX, no idea. I have only played with it a few times, it is pretty and it is technicaly neat as I belive it is running 3 layers of *nix

and the OSX crap itself.

To note however...

All Windows NT systems are POSIX compliant. This means there is a bit of unix under the hood. Why would they do that? Because POSIX compliant is a DOD standard for OS. Microsoft wants the DOD money. DOD = Department of Defense.
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