NTD Saying that were the most intelligent thing in this universe is very very human like;P

We haven't explored 90% of our own oceans, or 90% of Antarctica for that fact, we squabble over juices from our planet to run our toxic, machinery to do repetitive mostly meaningless shit. We fight over definitions, and existence. We are not united, we are divided. That is getting worse. There may be a time that we unite for many reasons. But that is long from now. A bit or well after my own death.

I suggest you look at the history, past, and future of human kind. Esp the last 100 years. People are starting to care less, esp about even being intelligent, or right.

Real right, not right like winning a fight, but helping, knowing, teaching. Not debating, and bickering.

using our brains is easy, the percent of use, is determined by use, and mental/physical impact of the world on a child. Your gray matter stopped expanding, and having possibilities in this stage of evolution as a young kid.

the chances of Extraterrestrial Intelligence like our own, easy, above our own, rare by popular belief, but we analyze wrong, take all the mystic, unexplained weird shit in the world. Understand that our government, lies to us, sometimes outright, and they are way way over our heads in everything.

So trust me this, if there were 15-20 other races in the universe, and we were traveling space through one of many ways. You'd never know. Hell most ppl don't even know cern is testing mini evaporating black holes(dark matter). If GE makes further advances at quite a few things, we could start doing things, you would call alien I'd imagine.

The funny thing is, the we, and the doing is not us. Our people, humans, just like genetic engineering will probably get scary in our own life times. It will be our government, our top secret labs. Hidden, falsified things. Lots of this is confirmable if you spend the time, and dig deep. Much of America for example are pack rating, work horse, unhappy sheep.

These things that happen in our life today, and years to many years ago. Even long before us. Many for 10's of years are looked at as being normal, till ppl act intelligent, and don't theorize on humanity. Were to damn simple, and stupid acting for the most part.

doubting there are "intelligent" live forms, other then us, is pretty much saying fuck NASA, fuck space exploration, and fuck some of that 90% of the ocean/Antarctica. Then fuck science, math, and the human kind. Because were all wasting our time, if were going to rule out things based on our on eccentric, egotism, and trust me.

I'm eccentric:D single cell creatures, lol we started single cell, we had a burst of evolution from "something", a catalyst. We've been around 30,000 unless our carbon dating is wrong, in this form that is. Now take Jupiter's two moons for example. Europa being a main sight of this. Oceans under earth. Now look at earth, image half of the inside being water, or a layer being water, and one being ice. Saw there's life there like we have here. Say they haven't reached a technological level, or don't need/want to yet.

Heh, The same can be said for life beyond ours on mars, that may still be alive in a form, dormant. After all mars used to be like earth.

There is no point. If you just act like an animal, instincts are cool, but in solitary nature, you learn there are more things life, and more things to learning.

But ya know, this was all just on SETI. In my life, I'd love for human kind to have alien contact. It would...change everything, and me...I'd like that. I don't know about anyone else though.
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"