everything mystical is based in fact, every fact is trailing with mysteries, and falsities to confuse. Even the truth has lines, and lies of falsehood. Nothing IS AS IT SEEMS. For all you know, aliens are among us, below us, above us. For all we know. All were trying to do here, is keep your mind open, not shut friend. That is what seti is doing too. I care about nature. I've cried from killing bugs, to mistakes on wild rodents/reptiles. I care, if I care, more care, if I care I'm not alone, if more care, then more somewhere then here if there are there, do CARE. We are not so different, or astranged of this universe, or the galaxy we live in. were just in a solar system friend. It's HUGE. Where are they? Multiverse? Another paralell earth? The Future? Evolved us...IS AN ALIEN. Esp if they are raised or born elsewhere then earth. Friend, definitions, and perception are what bind, confuse, and damn us. An open mind is key, the key to a gateway, a door of knowledge. less then intelligent, I take stargate for explain, if all you know, all we know is wrong, if we're not the only human kind on a planet, if there are brothers, and sister like us on other planets, at the same stage we are....I FOR ONE WANT TO KNOW. I'm sure I'm not alone on that. Hell if their amish, if their medieval, whatever! an alien is a alien. Even if your all startrek, 2080 watching other civilizations, and not interfering with them. Someday contact comes.

Yes scifi is "different" but a majority of it is based on science, mythology, lore, and history. Which for the most part are all rooted in fact. Use....friend...we are alone right know *gets serious* How many times, have you felt in that pit of your stomach, the hurt, pain, and discomfort of being alone? The change when your not? The rebirth, and life of unity? Love? Peace? Bi-polar existance?

low probability. well, chaos theory would denote your equally right, and wrong on infinite levels. I say you need to think about it with a background. science needs 90% assurances to call on probability. Cabon dating? Flawed. Us? Flawed. Math? Flawed. How many times has science been wrong? What about religion? What about the pagan religions thousands of years ago, being beaten into a majority world farce of almost one religion. Difference. a movie I just watched "silent running" was boring, but spoke on this. A world with no plant life? A world void of color, a world of work, gray, medium, blending. That is not utopia, reality, or life. imperfection is beautiful. NTD, many have ignored a majority of history, lied, or been lied to. If your going to be human, and base you anything on being who you are, a human being, and on history/world view/space/earth/science, you must take into account that a majority of things are repeated, revolved, whatever. Already done, and said. Reinventing the wheel. It's obvious people as a whole don't learn, or haven't. They have been lead, and mis-lead. I can answer, and say. but really this went far away from the topic of seti quick, and more so onto a 10,000 year old battle of knowledge. It all depends on what you want, what you need. If your honest, and you just want to deal with half the facts, half the possibilities, and be possibily right, all cool, go for it. But if you want to go any other way, then just open up, and take healing, take knowledge, and learning in, from all focal points, and begin to grow, inside, and out. As more then a human being.

The point my friend, is that if ther is life like us out there, it won't be as simple as flipping a light switch, or blasting a megaphone into space. You are who you choose to be, as the rest of existance is. The point is that, you have divine powers. Free will, is divine, it is power, and strength. All I have to say is use it wisely.

I for one, can't help but believe were VERY not alone, because I've seen, and done things in my life that defy pretty much 1000's of years of belief. *shrug* maybe someday someone will watch my memories, on some machine, and laugh at the possibilities. I hope you understand, and keep the peace. Good people, inately wonderous, and creative only want to co-exist. Sometimes more, but rarely. Life is short, live it well, and just.
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"