Well doing "shutdown -i" is going to display the user interface for this command, and it will ignore any flags beyond it. My previous post needs physical access to a computer to intall the telnet server. You then connect to that computer with telnet, login, and type "shutdown -s" to shut it down. What you're doing is telling the computer to display the GUI they made that interfaces with the shutdown utility. It doesnt do anything with the "-m" you put on the end of it. Also, when you type the name of the computer into the GUI and it cannot be found, it returns you to the command line utility and displays "the network path was not found". What you need to do is download and install the telnet server onto the computer you're trying to shut down (if you do not already have one). After you have done that, Go to Start, Run, and type in "telnet [ip address of computer youre trying to shut down]". So for example connecting to my computer i would type, "telnet". After you are connected to the computer and logged in, type "shutdown -s" and that will shut the computer down. That should enable you to shut the computer down.
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