No arctic warrior, you cant just login with a random user/pass combination and expect it to allow you to login. What would be the point of that? Letting people have access to your computer without even having to verify their identity? Not a good idea. What you need to do is login with an account that you have on the machine. When windows starts up, it does one of two things. Presents you with a window that allows you to click on the user name you wish to login with, and then type the password, or, presents you with a window that asks for you to type in a username and password combination. So ask yourself these questions; What username do i click when i start up? Does it have a password prompt show up when i click it? Or, if i am presented with a prompt for user name and password, what do i type in for these values? After you ask yourself, and answer those questions, do the following. Find the post in this thread about starting a telnet server on your computer. Then, telnet to your computer, type in the user name and password values that you use to login with when logging in locally, and then type "shutdown -s" when displayed with the command prompt.
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