Kismet alone will not get you into anything. It's merely a wireless network monitoring tool. If you want to break WEP then you need something like snort as well. Snort uses the inherrent weakness in the WEP standard to discover the key. To do so you on average need to collect around 10 million packets. on a 100Mbps network that could possibly take hours.

See the thing you need to really consider is are you really that precious of a target that someone is gonna hang outside of your place, unnoticed, for hours on end just so they can have a chance to get into your shit? If you are out there pissing people off this much then I suggest you get yourself some sort of attitude adjustment instead of beefing up your wifi security. Being nicer to people will protect you better in the long run

Having said that, things like eap authentication and TKIP can greatly increase your defenses. I've done a lot of wardriving and pen testing of AP's, and have found that, for example, a cisco aironet with LEAP and TKIP enabled is for all intents and purposes inpenetrable (at lest from an 802.11 standpoint).

Also you can look into WPA, the sucessor to WEP. It has as well been proven flawed, but still offers greater security that WEP ever did.