I've spent the last several days investigating a specific topic and have hit a lot of dead ends. I've been reading a lot of articles and forums at sites such as UGN Security Sec, Packet Storm Security, and Insecure.org and really have not come up with much. I hope someone can help me, here's what I've been looking for:

As part of a research project I've been investigating how to intercept System Messages. More specifically, I'm looking for a program that can reside in memory outside of the Windows environment while retaining the potential to intercept and alter any messages passed back and forth between windows and hardware. In essence, it acts like a wrapper, or VM ware, with windows running inside it. (The key is that windows would be unaware of its existance.)

It's possible something like this at one point existed and is now obsolete, but if anyone's heard of something like this, or anything fairly similar, I'd love to know. Even if it is really old and out-of-date. Thanks in advance.