Hey, thanks for the information. I've been busy reading through most of the Xen documentation. (I've also been pouring into VMWare too.) For what I plan on building though these two have a lot of overhead, (ie they have way too much functionality for what I'm looking for.)

I think what I'm going to do is build my own custom VM Application. I'll be referencing a lot of books along with Xen and VMWare (withOUT stealing/using their code or intelectual property.) So would you happen to know of any other good sources I might look into?

For instance, WinXP on Xen has a cost metric of over 4600 (and growing) lines for the porting comodity. I'd hate to have to discover and deal with each issues one at a time. So I'm looking for anything that could help expidite this process. Got any ideas?

And thanks so much, you both have been very helpful.