Ok If you wanna know what Im wanting to do it is this.. in my past experience with UGN Security Ive been told to say "leading or follow up questions" meaning dont just say right in bold letters "I WANT TO LEARN TO HACK IN LINUX" so ive read tons of the forum post's and they have said to do leading Questions although a leading question to me wanting to learn to hack through linux would NOT be how to program it. But anyways to be more specific ive wanted to basically "hack"/ "connect" to other comps with Exploits or whatever i would need., Wanting to know what to do with the exploits after i "compile" them, in mandrake 9.0... I compiled them by simply typing cc tracerout.c -o traceroute I know this post maybe should be in the newbie forums but everytime i post there i never get any HELPFUL responses..

Really need help, Im not out to "HACK" as in harm anyone just want to basically learn it so i would know how to hack if the time ever came down to it with me needing too..