I Don't really appreciate you telling me im a "idiot" for 1 i did not type the first question which was, How do i program linux my friend did because he is dumb when it comes to computers and i was in the middle of reading linux tutorials, You are correct in 1 thing and that is I wanna learn to hack when it comes down too it.. You must specialize in being a smart ass because u sure did be one. Another issue, i do know what "programming" is.. incoherent rambling? where did you grab this bit of information from? I simply listen to what people of this board have stated exactly what not to do and that is not just come out and say " i wanna learn to hack can u teach me?" No I dont do that but when im asked what im wanting to learn to do yes thats about all i can say. I come to these forums to get help not to get ran down by someone that thinks hes a hotshot cuz hes an Moderator of the board. I do not want you to point me in any direction to any vulnerable computers, now thats YOU putting words in my mouth, i simply wanna know is what do i do after i know how to compile and run the exploits.. Whats my next step you know? I dont want you to just say ok heres an IP now go get em buster.. I just needed help so this was one of the places my friends have told me to come for help and thats why i came.. So if you people do truely care to help me out it would be greatly appreciated.. oh ya and thanks again sinetific for being a smartass and showing ur true colors