Ugh, now this really is the definition of a script kiddie. "I just wanna f*ck around but i don't know how it works, so please help me so i can show off how l33t i am".

The only thing is i dont know where to start or what to do with them after they are compiled.. and I havent had any luck on finding a website or tutorials period on what to dow ith an exploit after its compiled or what to do with one period..
Omg this means you didn't even try looking for it. There are places enough to find how it works, even already posted above. Geez. And most of the the time to find information is the most logical place. (up to you to find out what i mean)

Well to answer your question. Hmm not a good idea, so i won't. But maybe a little hint "./"

Ooh and another thing. If you finally figured out what to do with the exploit. Don't come back whining here cause it doesn't work. It doesn't work like this: "ooh this exploit has a nice name let's download it and use it on every linuxbox i come across"
Never argue with fools... They will only drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience...