Well the original post was not posted by me, friend really didnt know what to type and at the time i didnt either because i did not have sploits at the time.I have had a friend spoon feeding me info on hacking and he finally stopped. So now im learning alone, since the begining of this post ive learned so much and i really appreciate it.. But i am wanting to learn how to use exploits etc. and ./ ive tried everyway i could and I thought ./ was for directories or something. ./ seems to give me stuff saying this is a directory or ./ is a directory, its kinda confusing, and Asteos on that last comment that you posted that was edited by the admins. if u would like to send that to [email protected] i would love to read it.. no matter what it says i dun really care here to learn thanks again guys.. Can anyone also give me a couple Exact links to some Using Exploit Tutorials or something?