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I Don't really appreciate you telling me im a "idiot" for 1 i did not type the first question which was, How do i program linux my friend did because he is dumb when it comes to computers and i was in the middle of reading linux tutorials, You are correct in 1 thing and that is I wanna learn to hack when it comes down too it..
Okay kid... A lesson on the lay of the land around here.

1.) If scientific calls you an idiot, You are just take it and any info he offers. That goes for most people that take any time to answer a question with anymore than "hmmm good question try google."

2.) You didn't type it your friend did while you were reading linux tuts... Sooo you were letting your idiot friend post under your login, while you were reading tuts probably on the same puter. Yea sure your right. And your friend just happend to post a question you wanted answers to...


hehe sorry for the script kiddie shit but we all gotta start somewhere and now i understand how to use them now i read after i posted and now they make sense thanks guys!
You aren't starting shit. All you are starting is using someone elses work. For christ sakes if you are risking 10 years in jail at least learn what the fuck you are doing.

Nice link at that post from sinetific. Personaly I do not think you are worth it, but if you read anything read that. Hacking ia kinda like math man. Learn the grunt work first. Learn to code in the languages the box you are going for uses. Study and become a master before you pick up the equivilant of a calculator.

If you decide to learn to code instead of use someone elses stuff... Cool

If you are just a lazy shit, piss off [machine]
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