I guess it must be the fact that you think ur better because your not a newbie?

Dude, you are so up in the kool aid without knowing the flavor it is just sad. First of all I am king newbie. I made a site dedicated to nothing but helping newbies. I ran it for about 2 years and just recently gave it to gizmo.


Try my all tech for newbies search


I have helped out more newbies then you could imagine. I answer more question to help a person truely seeking knowledge than you would ever consider. I come here to offer advice and help for the most part.

But you don't want help. You want to be spoon fed how to use someone elses work. You don't want to learn. You wana be a lazy leech/script kiddy.

Wana learn something, come see me. Wana be a script kiddie. I will poke at you and laugh at your ignorance.

If it is true about your friend making the original post why did you follow up the way you did in your second post? dosen't match up chump.
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