Hah, Kid you need maybe to act your age, you seem to be acting a little older than what your actions show.(dont make much sense but anyways lol) For 1, I never said u didnt help, the whole issue was that not everyone is here to HELP granted, you may be.. never said you didnt help anyone cuz i know thats not true i see ur name all over the forums. I respect u alot but the thing is.. Now Im typing for my friend because it kinda came to the point to where he got sick of listening to you guys cut him down. and degrade him, I could spoon feed him my work if i wanted to but i choose not to because he needs to learn alone, like we all did, im not gonna hold his hand everystep of the way.. I appreciate you speaking ur mind sin_tax thats the reason i respect you. But you gotta admit people on this board are just a little bit to harsh sometimes eh? I like the promod site its very useful, it should help him alot, ill make sure he gets it. I think Gizmo told him it a few days back yes if you would like to help him get a head start u can.. I dont have time because I have a very busy schedule because the job i have, Im a Linux Networking engineer.. Basically i network for big schools, business's so i dont have the time to sit down and tell him every single thing or even get him on the right track, i told him how to compile and how to run stuff thats about it. But Sin_tax i appoligize for the stuff i said above, but at the time it was in my mind and i had to say it, and u did come down kinda hard on him the first time u posted here gotta admit it and no he Definately is not lazy. He doesnt intend for you guys to point him in the direction of a vulnerable comp or anything he just wants it spoon fed to him and it isnt gonna work, like he learned today heh, But ya Sin_tax if you could help him im sure he would appreciate that.

And i Appoligize, Later.