Jesus Fucking Christ.

You worthless turd.

Anyway, now that I've got 1% of my hatred out for you, I'll help you.

First: Learn C.
Second: Read "Counter Hack" by Ed Skoudis.
Third: read "An Introduction to UNIX" by Paul Wang. (And yes, that is his name.)
Fourth: read "Building Internet Firewalls", it's an O'Reilly Book.
Fifth: Install Linux. No you fuck, you dont have it installed, don't lie to me you little shit. Go fucking install Slackware - and none of that visual bullshit. Learn the config files.
Sixth: Use Linux for at least a month - and none of that visual/XF86 bullshit. Learn the command line, *then* use X.
Seventh: IF you think you have enough experience at this point (which you don't) then go do your hacking thing.

OR you could take the fast track:
1. try to hack whatever you're attempting to hack.
2. Go to Jail.

Either way, it's one less n00b asking for his gf's email pass.

And btw, the exploit track usually involves the "g++ sploit.cpp" (or gcc "sploit.c" or "make") then ./a.out . Moron. "I can compile, but I dont know how to FUCKING USE WHAT I COMPILE"