war driving is where you get in a car and drive around with a laptop, and a wireless network card and search for wireless networks to connect to. look at peoples files, surf the net for free, whatever your motive is. as far as the 802's go, its something like this.... ieee is the institute of electrical and electronics engineering, they define standards. the committee responsible for general networking standards is the 802 committee. 802.3 is ethernet, and 802.11 is for wireless networking. the different letters have to do with different standards for wireless networking. for instance, i believe 802.11b uses the 2.4 ghz microwave band and tops out at something like 11 megabits per second. the other letters are different in different aspects such as speed, security, etc. thats how i understand it, if you want a better answer ask infinite or anyone of the others that know this stuff much better than me
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