First, for a little disclaimer. UGN Security does not condone the illegal downloading of software, movies, or music. Sharing copyrighted material is illegal and you should pay the "hard working" coders, film makers, and industry professionals for all of their "hard work".

Using torrents isn't always for "illegal" activities; such as, for instance, getting a backup for something that you legitly own (such as if your copy of window$ cd is cracked in half or if you're downloading a linux distribution via a torrent to help save on the bandwidth burden costs of the foundation. Please read the EULA which comes with your piece of software or the on recording warnings on a movie to ensure it allows backup copies (as you generally buy a key for most software I doubt they'd much care about the software portion).

Now, after that's all said and done; what torrent sites do you use? What kind of downloads do they specialize in?

Also, what is/are your favorite torrent client(s)?

Some useful off the bat torrents:
Gentoo Linux Torrents
Slackware Linux Torrents
Conectiva Linux Torrents
Long list of torrents of linux distributions at mybookmarkmanager

Also, this thread is EXEMPT from our Zombie Threads rule.
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