I used to use SuprNova religously but they went under due to some legal babble...

Currently I use
MiniNova - Generally movies/tv shows
The Pirate Bay - Movies, Music, TV Shows, Programs, just about anything.
TVTorrents - TV Shows (hey I own a bunch of boxed sets ok?)
TVTorrents - Differant organization than TVTorrents.ws but much of the same content.
ISOHunt - Everything
TorrentSearch - Everything
Torrent Reactor - Everything
Torrent Spy - Everything
AnimeSuki - Anime
2Torrents - Everything

As for clients, I used to use TorrenTopia but I had a load of "technical issues" (it kept erroring out on torrents I knew existed and had valid seeds) so I moved on to BitLord which hasn't given me any issues and works quite well on window$.

NOTE: - This list is no longer maintained on this post; please see the UGN Security File Sharing Page .
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