If user is having an issue with Perl or PHP interpreters within the ensim service do the following:

sitelookup -s [username]
sitelookup -d [domainname]

(be sure they match up, we're compairing the server validations of where the username belongs and where the domain name belongs to be sure we aren't working with the wrong account)

cd /home/virtual/[username]/fst/var/www

(we're trying to see if the interpreters directory exists, which it should, otherwise skip this step and the next step's RM)

ls interpreters

(If interpreters show up then there isn't a problem, if not, continue)

rmdir interpreters
DisableVirtDomain [domain]
EnableVirtDomain [domain]

(Here you tell the system to remove the interpreters directory, disable the account on the system, enable the account on the system. Re-enabling causes the Ensim service to rebuild all data).

ls interpreters

(interpreters should now exist, user account should now be able to use their account once again)
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