these are shell scripts i had to write:

used this one when after converting rtf files to html, i had to move and rename them. well i didn't have to rename them, but i did b/c it made me feel better. the filenames were .rtf.html, and i wanted just .html
moving multiple files and renaming them:

for x in *.rtf.html #lists all converted html files in current directory
i=$(ls $x | cut -d. -f 1) #displays the filename up to the first period.
#for most files (in my case all of them) this will be the filename minus the extension
echo "Moving $i..."
mv $i.rtf.html /www/htdocs/$i.html #copy (or move, if you'd like to do that instead) all files to another directory and rename them

this second one i used to automatically generate a page of links to the files i just copied:

rm index.html
for x in *.html
i=$(ls $x | cut -d. -f 1)
echo "$i
" >> index.html

pretty self explanatory. note that x is the full filename, and i is the filename without the extension.

i was setting up a large text section on my website, and so i used these two scripts in a cron job while having another program converting lots and lots of rtf files to html. it took a fairly long time, and so i set these up, so ppl could read the texts as they were generated and not have to wait for all of them to complete. speaking of which. does anyone know a really good rtf to html converter. i downloaded one that uses php. and yes it works. but it bloats the files big time. some of them end up being like 400-500k when all they need is 100k or so. needless to say very inefficient, especially when hosting from a cable connection. so if anyone has had any good results with certain conversion utilities, feel free to let me know.//
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