Process Control

Something I find really useful especially logging in remotely is process controll. I might be explaining the ctrl-alt-del of unix here, but it was something I didnt figure out for like a year into my *nix life.

ctrl-c - kills a process
ctrl-z - stops or pauses a process and puts it in the background
& - launches a process into the background when it follows the command. ie: 'tail /var/log/apache/accesslog &' will write out new entries to the log file to your term window while you use it for other things
fg - places a stopped task into the foreground
bg - places a stopped task into the background

I find this usefull on bitchx or other command line irc clients that i can stop them, work in my shell, then resume chatting on irc. I also find & usefull for compiling programs. Send:
./configure && make && make install &
into the background as a background process and free up your term while it compiles and installs.