Nice title right? It was made by Max Linux like 2 yrs ago. I don't know how many of you guys are Mac users, however they are power machines. I know, the Mac os isn't so favorable. It is greatly limited for gamers to. However the power is amazing on some of the Macs, also they are very stylized. However what if you can put Linux on that machine? Is it possible? Yes it is! You can do it, replace that silly Mac OS with Linux. There are plenty of how-tos out there on the net (so I think). However, I am thinking of putting one up, after I get my kbase writings on my way. What do you guys think? Did you know Mac is already slightly ahead of the game? The new Mac OS is called Mac OS X. The new OS is based of Unix. It still is a mac, looks it, runs it. However there is a more "xwindows" (the GUI of Linux) look and feel to the Mac OS X then any other Mac OS. Not to mention is uses a Linux file system, and has a console. Neat right? However, someone like me rather replace it with true Linux. Catch ya later, have a good night.
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