I assume that this goes in here. Not sure where BSD falls on UGN Security thoigh. But...

I'm thinking of installin FreeBSD on this new box I just built. It is gonna be a server, so any ms os is outta the question.

i've heard a lot about the various BSD os's and I am willing to step into a full unix environment. I will still be keeping a linux box and a windows box up, so I figure this gives me a chance to set up something new.

I say FreeBSD cause I read a really good article on it not too long ago. It is described as an excellent choice, but I'm open to suggestions. What are some of your real experiences with differents versions of BSD? Is one necessarily better than another, or is this another one of those "Taste's great, Less filling" arguments?

I've been to both the FreeBSD and OpenBSD site's, done some looking around. What sites do you guys recommend? Is there a http://www.linuxnewbie.org BSD equillivent? Any and all input you have is appreciated. And like I said, I'm open to all suggestions here.