im on the verge on getting my first linux distro..few queries first.

1#would i be able to run slack from my cd rom, i heard zipslack can boot from the floppy?

2#i want most of the features of slackware...but run it along with my win2k shud i go for bigslack instead , or will 'slackware' work fine?

3#how shud my partitions be?
would this do (assuming im giving 13-15 gigs) and that i might want to have a few more kernels later...I better make the changes now .
/ = 1G
/usr = 7G
/home = 2G
/var = 2G
/tmp = 1G

4# the only reason i got this is so that i could 'learn' do i really need fluxbox ?

i found a nice place to find distro's and comapre them

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