yea it does:X Xbill, and quake/quakeII/III for linux/;D Games premade for linux out there, they work hella easy well with slack. Slack user since 3.0 :X yes that is ancient, the kernel version was uber old. But if you think those changes you've mentioned are much...psssh I've seen them fuckin do alot worse. I'm glad slack has at least held together, but I full support the makers. I used to talk to a brother, and sister that coded on the slackware team. Um slack used to be 300megs for the iso:D that's everything, one boot, and one root disk. Gah...yea slack is pimp yo, the more you use it, the more you explore it, the better it gets:) user local, and slack updaters are coo:) I like the pun on /usr/local.

bosky101 lol, look into dual booting with lilo, yes boot installs from cd work, the images will load, you don't need that many partitions all seperate for sections, slack will do that on it's own. If you want. So say your windows part is like 20 gigs, you have 15 free, you use Partition Magic Pro 9.0 or whatever to resize the parition down to 10 gigs, you still have 5 free on the other, and 10 free for slack, say you have 256 ram, maybe a 512 or 256 linux swap partition, and you can label it through fdisk on slackware install if needed, then all you need to do is make a main linux parition, 9gigs or whatever. 9.4. so in short you need to go to or and look into the install directions it's all there to learn, but the most important are those. Also 's faq has MASSIVE compiled info on shit like this. Have fun:)
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