Originally posted by littleman:
ok im sorry if this is an "illegal" post but im trying to learn C and C++ but i dont understand any of the tutorials i've found. can someone help me learn c and c++? it would be much appriciated and i'm sorry again if this is a carbon copy or a "illegal post"
Ok... Here's the thing...

We all have our own lives. The people here, in various combinations, all have to:
  • work
  • play
  • work second jobs
  • have spouses
  • raise kids
  • other assorted "making a living" activities

What I'm getting at is it is very unlikely that some random person on the net is going to take you on as a side project, espsecially out of the blue without knowing you.

Here's how it works:

YOU have to take it on yourself to learn how to learn. Please see my comments on learning how to search as an explanation on what I mean.

Now I know I have a tendancy to sound harsh on the net, and you have not had a very warm welcome here. But you have to understand that you really are asking the complete wrong questions.

You come across as needing someone to hold your hand through this learning process. This is something that is simply not going to happen. You have to take the inititive in this. Quite frankly if you won't help yourself then we could care less.