*sigh* Okay guy, seriously. I will clue you in a bit. The first program you will learn in any language is "hello world". This will teach you the most simple program you can make in any language.

for example html

  <title>Hello World</title>
Hello World
That is the most simple HTML doc that is still formatted correct you will see. So you get to see the correct way to set up a HTML page and how to echo out to the screen.

In C or C++ you can search for hello world. You need to first decide if you want to learn C or C++. C++ is more structured. Both will be a tough learn. These and not easy languages to master. I apllaud your desire to learn. I truely do. You just need to learn how to do it. Sooooo.

This is your first C++ program. Play with the code, make it say other things. This is how you learn to program. You are going to need a compiler BTW. Once you master hello world

try the others

Some compilers
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