Isn't posting a question HERE exercising "the ability to find the answer to a question?"(the most important attribute I can posses if I want to ever do anything in the tech world) along with other mediums such as a search engines-being one of the most common.

Now I've tried to define the difference between a "good question" and a "stupid question" and this is what I came up with. If someone asks a "question" on a subject they have professed to be a beginner at and at one their trying dedicatedly to learn, be at the very least a "question" if not a good one? For isn't that one of the most commonly used methods of learning? And If someone experienced who recognizes one to be a "beginner" in a certain field/discipline consider ANY question they have to ask in regards, STUPID? huh

Now,... search engines, topic specific sites, and books are obviously great sources to use in finding an "answer" to a "question" someone might have,(especially beginners) along with some other sources such as...uh....lets see...oh yeah FORUMS(just being a little facetious) hope I don't sound like a COMPLETE smartass j/k.

Now,....lets assume we have an average intelligent person who has a question on a certain subject. Now lets also assume that this person is aware of all these abundant resources for which he can use to find an "answer" to his question... and he uses them. Would it be logical to assume, after reading this persons post on a forum-who's topic of discussion relates to his question-did not search for his answer ON google, or reference some subject related book already! Or maybe his 1st attempt in finding his answer WAS to post on that forum 1ST and then move on to other sources of information like his favorite search engine, a reference book or a site specific to his questions subject? Or maybe he WAITS to search for his answers elsewhere and to see if someone ANSWERS his question 1st(not rant, or express how fustrated one is on his question/questions) so any answer to his question won't be in vain, if soonly after he posts his question he finds his answer elsewhere.................Who knows...................but it's always best to ask.

Listen, I appreciate your feed back, and I got your point, as far as searching with in other mediums for your answer as well as to post here. However, the file of ettercap I do have (after unarchiving it using win.rar-thanks gollum, which was complete idiocy on my behalf, but still I don't think that was a stupid question...I didn't know the answer)
DID NOT HAVE a readme instruction. I hope I mistakenly interpreted that you assumed that I didn't read that 1st before doing anything else! Because that would be ignorant at the very least if not stupid.

Damn ya'll(as in damn jessie can't you do anything right, not as in damn ya'll go to hell), isn' a forum a place where someone can go to find help/answers anymore. If someone asks a question, wouldn't' it just be logical to answer it if possible, instead of sitting back and feeling so annoyed at the fact.

Listen if I missed some rule on how to ask a question on this forum, or am only to post here as a last resort, let me know. But until, I will still ask questions here with the hope that someone will provide me with the help I need. I also to look forward to establishing some type of relationship with the staff and members here I enjoy making friends and SHARING information.....once I move up that newbie rank he he.

I bet you've never seen a heterosexual use so many quotation marks huh...ha ha I realized that after reading it, I was just trying to make a point as sharp as I could.....sorry admins as I assume that has annoyed the hell out of ya(or maybe your not)

a "verbal bitch slap" eh?

later on that day.......Oh and by the way That link you put in "" I had it already added to my favorites to a day or two before for later reference, just hadn't made the time to check it.

anyway peace,


(I guess ya'll didn't find that flowbe-one-knobi may the source be with you shit ammusing huh) I thought it was cool...........