Ok, I'm going to ask all the REAL C++ programmers
out there to answer this.. and give me some good
I'm programming an arcade game, probotector style, with flashy lights, lots of ammo, and sh*t.
This blended in with the all-mighty invaders feeling with ships moving downwards and changing direction and so... Now..

I have been reading on multithreading. (I have Turbo C++ 5.02 ) And the help that I find there is not very satisfactory! I have been reading till my eyeballs started to bleed, but it doesn't make any sense!I mean, god!!!
Can annyone here give a light-easy to understand-explanation of how to:
Start a new thread - and linking or putting in or whatever it's called functions into it.
Stopping the tread.
The compilation is suposed to be speciall with some parameters.. that's no problem...

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