Movie: Hero
Rating: 4/5

Keeping in mind that I have no knowledge of Chinese history, martial arts or calligraphy, I thought this movie was simply amazing.

The colors and the sounds are enough to make this movie great - but the plot line was unique, and the ending was suprising - which is hard to come by now-a-days.

The fact that it is subtitled helps it a lot, in my opinion.

The fight scenes were just that, fighting, even if it incorporates the "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" flying fights and such - I think they do it well without overdoing it.

The coriography of the scenes were breathtaking. This movie was completely beautiful in every scene.

I'm not sure anything but theater screen and sound would do it justice - atleast for the first time.

But - I do have to say one thing:
The friend I went to see it with fell asleep. But he's not one to like subtittled movies so take that as you will.

Basically you've got to see this movie, and you've got to see it in a theater. It's worth the 6 bucks (or equvilant) you have to pay.
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