Movie: Alien vs. Predator
Rating: 3/5
+ The temple effects were good. I liked how the temple changed layouts every ten minutes. It would make a good Halo map.
+ the Alien/Predator fight scenes were pretty good as well. Very fast paced like you'd think they would be.

- the gross out factor was not included as per the usual Alien movies. There was not enough sludge and slime and gross stuff to make it a true sequel to those movies.
- there was absolutely no gore in the this movie. And scenes where you thought there would/should have been, they changed camera shots and don't show anything. PG-13? What were they thinking?
- the plotline - decent up until the last Predator and the last human alive team up against the aliens. That's ridiculous beyond words.I thought the predator and the girl were going to have a massive hug session at many different points of the movie.
- the ending. oh man. OH MAN. Come on. I won't ruin it, but honestly.

I give it a - decent grade - 2.5/3. But it's hardly worth being in the same categories as the Aliens or Predators.
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