As a newb this movie has opened my eyes.
OK, this is a documentary about Open Source Software. Mainly UNIX derivitaves. BSD, GNU, and Linux. Who are the people?

Eric Raymond- “scruffy hacker” tells Microsoft “I’m your worst nightmare.” oh yeah also happened to write "The Cathedral and The Bazzar"

Bruce Perens- Author of “Open Sorce Definition”- "We want to get the software to work so we sacrifice the intellectual property rights”

Richard Stallman- MIT 1971- Founder GNU Project. “The Incompatible timesharing system” No Passwords on original systems so admins couldn’t control them. Someone there yesterday shouldn’t control what we do today. Original password hack was to hack peoples passwords and send the email that said "I see you have chosen is blah,blah why don't you just make it hitenter that's just as good"
Says GNU is a hack because GNU stands for GNU is not Unix becaues UNIX was proprietary.

Linus- yes that Linus “You are never supposed to see an OS. People don’t use an OS the use programs.”

Plus quite a few more, those were the most memorable.

To anyone who wants to know the history of LINUX, BSD, or any open source software that explains even where the GNU Public Licenses come form this is the movie.

I feel that much less a noob for watching it.
D, world destruction
Over and overture
N, do I need
Apostrophe T, need this torture?-They Might Be Giants