Movie: Anchorman
Rating: 3/5
Well, I saw this movie the day it came out (though not on purpose).

What can I say except that it's Will Ferrell comedy to the extreme. The story basically boils down to:

Will Ferrell - sexy anchorman, is attracted to new co-anchor played by Christina Applegate. The story is set in the '70s when anchorWOMEN were rare. So all the male reporters are trying to land her and "Ron Burgundy" (Ferrell's character) eventually does. They fall in love, then fight, and eventually Ferrell gets fired (I won't spoil as much as possible). Of course they get back together in the end. Along the way there is a tiny sub-plot in which Ferrell feuds with rival anchors, most notably his arch-nemesis played by Vince Vaughn ("Old School").

So, in other words, there is no plot. No part of the movie is serious in anyway. It relies on the strength of the comedy alone, and falls a bit short. The exchanges between "Ron Burgundy" and "Veronica Corningstone" (Applegate) are hilarious. The co-anchor "Brick" is also funny throughout the movie. He's retarded, but no one notices apparently. He just kind of shouts/does random things. Most of them are totally unexpected, like "They can smell the menstruations!" Fred Willard does a good job as the TV station manager. It's a shame some of the other actors didn't follow suit and at least try to bring a little seriousness to the movie. No matter how eccentric a person is, they at least have a little sensibility in them.

As is, I feel that "Anchorman's" plot is too basic and the characters are so unbelievable that I can't recommend it.