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black^pimp, your sites look nice, but using all images instead of text is annoying to me. Looks nice, just the all images thing is annoying.
Thanks CS, i like the design myself too, but they do take lots of time to load, so i'm tring to make the very very same thing but in PHP so i can load it faster, but i'm not good at php even though i'm learning it.

What do u guys think, is it possiable to make the very same thing but in PHP ?

Originally posted by SilentRage:
btw, I also coded the bulletin board on there all by my lonesome in perl. Don't try to register cause I'll be taking the site down soon (also I don't have sendmail on this machine - so wait until I get it setup on a linux server)
your applet at the site is pretty cool, and i've gotta admin, you're damn to good, the board looks fine. If you take it seriously, you could work more in it and add advanced features to it and why not start selling it through the internet or giving it for free maybe ??.

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I love the site pimp, it takes forever to load for me tho. I need to learn how to make some badass graphics and layouts like that
thanks moff, well as i said that's my current nightmare, it just take forever to load, so i'm trying to make it in PHP/MySQL fully but i don't wanna change the design, it looks good, well maybe later.

Originally posted by Gizmo:
::looks at pimp:: ::looks at bandwidth:: it loaded in less than 2 seconds :x... Nice sites. Prehaps you'd be interested in the "design" program we have off of "Off Topic".
hehe i know what you're thinking Gizmo. I am interested in the design program, ohh but we talked about this last nite as far as i remember, so check your email and you'll know.

Just need some time.

see ya guys.

P.S. I really need your guys answer to this:

Could i make exactly the same design for snogy.com but in PHP, i don't want the design to change i just wanna make it php/mysql coz this way it's all in images and as CS said it's annoyin. I need your suggestions.
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