hehe how ya doing CS ?

well you see CS it really doesn't matters so much to me if its made in html and javascript or php and mysql, i just want it to be same as the design you know ?, and yeah you're right, i think that in some parts of it i need it separable so it's maybe better to make it use php/mysql.

I do need to put news in it and stuff like that, but for things like that, i'll just create a BLOG script which would work fine with the design i think. Maybe this looks like a phpNuke site and i would like it if i could make it with PhpNuke but as i wrotte on the WEB PORTAL topic i can't even open that thing and i don't know how to use it.
Yes Quicklins and Update do need to be php in a mysql database coz they're gonna be filled up recently.

To tell you the truth i never thought about CSS before, of course i heard about it and so on, but i dunno, just didn't try using it, but as you explain it so good it sounds like just the thing i need. So i'll search for some guides and tutorials about CSS and read a bit.

I know it takes a hard time coding a design like that but that's just what i wanna do and i'll do my best to finish it, if i can than i'll hire someone but i ain't givin up, no way...

Thanks a lot for your help CS, i appreciate it.

Any more comments/suggestions would be welcome.


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