The Administration is different and better in some ways and worse in others. Back in the day when i first joined it was just optix and Black Beard and it went well. The traffic started to pick up here and more administrators were needed so ice dog came in to the picture and he and optix hit it off rather well. Eventually down the road Mr. Optix was having personal issues so he made me an administrator for UGN Security (My personal opinion of when it was at its high). But over the next few months UGN Security degraded to what it was when beard quit. For the longest time UGN Security was going to be given to me and Ice Dog, he and i were going to co-own it, but ice and i didn't get along after the first irc meeting, him and optix had seemed to flip. So i turned in my Admin ship and basically left. At first i was weary about gizmo owning this board because he had been banned serveral times from it for some reason or another. But it hasn't turned out all that bad. Props mr. Gizmo You did better then expected.

Just my two cents


Trust me, if i started killing people, there'd None of you left