ok, heres a little tut for those of you interested in ripping dvds.

1. rip the dvd to you hard disk using smartripper. just change the settings to use the same key for the whole disc and splitting to max filesize and set the max filesize to 8000MB.
2. create a folder called 01.avi in the directory where your ripping your dvd to. then use mpg2avi to convert the vob to avi and ac3. i generaly use these parameters:
MPG2AVI.exe -b c:\mydvd\vts_01_1.vob -f0 -s3 -a0x80 -o7 c:\mydvd\01.avi
assuming youre using the folder c:\mydvd.
3. use AC3WAV to convert the ac3 sound file to a wav
AC3WAV.EXE c:\mydvd\01.avi\stream0x80.ac3 c:\mydvd\01.wav
4. use virtual dub open 01_1.avi. video>filter>resize. 512x320, 640x360, 768x423 are the correct 16x9 aspect ratios. use bicubic scaling. then just crop out all the letter boxing. then video compression. i like the divx low motion at kf every 10s, 100% sharp, and 850kbps usualy works for a 1.5h movie.
then audio>wav audio>01.wav. audio>full processing mode. and audio>copmression mpeg3 at 96kbps 48kh stereo
5. file>save avi