Ok just something I thought I would comment on, now its been what 2 days that Ive been posting again since about a month and half of productive offline time (heh productivity speeds up when offline trust me! ) and people have been pledging complaints about the board getting seriously lame with the usual kind of questions by "Newbie Lamers" (eg. How do I hack windows?).

Now my point is as follows, what the fuck are you guys on about? When I took my "productivity" break 2 months ago the board was lame through my eyes, with the majority of posts being flames or some other shit related to that.

Now I have been seriously analyzing the boards post and what I have found is serious "interlect", I am fucking amazed at what kind of posts I have found.

First a perfect example of a interlectual post which I thouroughly enjoyed reading through is this one about writing windows exploits.


Fucking productive post! on top of that very educating to the less educated on that field! Bravo, /me lifts up hat!

Secondly, the Unix Security forum has some very interesting points of discussion, one which I read was about the poll Giz did, some of the argueable points made there are brilleant, some very open opinions were made there. Again just from reading some of the larger replies there you can gather some very good knowledge of what to look out for when securing a *nix system.

The VB section, not that there is an amazing amount of posts there, but I posted a question about DHCP mode detection and it was answered (SR actually did work that I should have done myself to find the answer) within 2 hours, tell me of other board where someone will answer your question in 2 hours?

Besides the News is regularly updated, which by the way if you have not noticed should be the main objective of the site, hence the name UndergroundNEWS.

Ok the IRC is highly lets say, counterproductive and we basically at most times screw around in there but then what is chatting for? I dont know of many irc groups that actually talk about their portraied subject atleast 10% of the time, well actually i do know a couple but they are linux related.

Then these posts about "Im taking someones advice and getting the hell out of here" well sorry but that shows your maturity to the rest of the team doesnt it? Cause if you were to leave you would leave silently and without having to make it public and Giz is right making it public is the breed of three types of responses!

1st: Someone will most likely start being an ass and come out with what they exactly wanted to say about what was going on their nerves which in turn creates more shit.

2nd: Someone will start dishing the board and its members advertising themselves to get attention cause normaly they are ignored or what ever the fuck.

3rd: A war will start between supporters of the board and then Giz is gonna get all pissed at how imature his visitors really are and then more lets say "neutral" members will realize that we are overcrowded by a load of 13 year old script kiddies that want to imitate "Hackers the Movie".

Another point is the "Banners" well what do you expect do you think that bandwidth, hosting and server maintance is free these days? Ok, I know that a few people have made donations and hats off to those people, but dont complain about banners, u go to Blackcode.com and see what kind of advertizing they have or Cyberarmy(i think they used to have ads or still do) and so on.

Let me remind me of something my father always told me "There is no such thing as a free lunch"

Now allthough ive had my bad times here too, ive been here since the beginning of the site, thats before the majority of you guys even started using a computer I bet. And I personally feel very strong about its uphold and I already talked to Giz and I am 100% behind keeping UGN Security up and running, no matter what we have to do to keep it up we will succeed!

But common if we stick together we will keep the place a nicer and more enjoyable place for everyone that comes here.

And a piece of advice, if someone makes stupid "How do I hack windows/hotmail" what ever the fuck questions, why not try to ignore them, remove the post and PM the user about his mistakes!

Noone is perfect least of all the Human breed, but think about what your point really is and if it is to get attention then get attention in some other way. There was once written a very good article by one of the hacker "Mentors" one of the Gods of hacking / cracking! And it mentioned a point which i think alot of people will relate to, and that is that alot of people will have their secret online life because they cannot have it in the real world, well wake up if you want to be recognized or looked up too, which is receiving attention, then do it wisely and not imaturely!

Also look at some other larger boards - see what kind of posts are on blackcode.com or hack3r.com or the old soldier-x.com, then compare the two boards and state your opinion on where you rather be!

Ive made my choice a long time ago even when times were alot shitter than this!

I think I have stated my point and flame me, root me, what ever you wish to do, but this is my opinion and I think and hope that it is shared by many others!

The use of "hacker" to mean "security breaker" is a confusion on the part of the mass media. We hackers refuse to recognize that meaning, and continue using the word to mean, "Someone who loves to program and enjoys being clever about it."
"Its not a bug, its a feature" (Epic Games)