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wareagle, i love ugn just as much as the next guy, but i find it sad that you've learned more here than on your own. you must not have been trying to hard. sure theres lots to learn on the board and the text files, but i must agree with scallion and some of the others that much of what goes on here isn't always helpful. that isn't a bad thing, i'm the first to admit that half my posts aren't asking or answering a question. theres nothing wrong with having fun on the board. maybe you should try searching a lil harder, just my opinion
I just wana say... If you make pointless posts you have no reason to bitch about how the site is.

UGN Security is you. Plain and simple. I own my own board so I have some clue on what I say here. Whoever says UGN Security needs to change... Well if posts or texts are what you are talking about.. Then you should start with you. Just 1 awsome member makes all the difference on a board.

If you want more knowledge passed around on here, the start passing, asking, and reading.

If you want tuts. Write one. I've done it a few times. Any community is only as good as it's members.

BTW this is also the true path to being recognised as a good member. You come on here posting useless crap and have thousands of posts thats what you are known for.

If you offer something back you will become known for you helpfullness. Answer lots of questions people will start to say you know your stuff.

Simpley put if you wana start changing UGN Security.... The best and easiest way to change is within yourself.

Some of you guys who have been with UGN Security since beard owned it should be stepping up. You should't be total newbies anymore. Not saying you are, but the useless posts should have tappered off. Just a thought.