I don't state my opinion on these things often. In fact, I havn't been in the forefront of any discussions for a long time, only reading the board and answering questions when people havn't already answered with the same info. But I'm going to, for once, state my opinion on matters. Most of you probably don't really know me because of the fact that I don't post much, but I have been around UGN Security for quite some time. Nearly two years now. But here's my ideas:

1. Like SR said, who cares about the design. I'm pretty sure the point of this site is to learn, not look at a pretty design. The design won't help us learn at all.

2. There is a bit of a lack of content. Personaly, I'd like more, newer texts, which means I should write some. I don't have much time to write them right now. So I'm not going to complain untill I write something myself.

3. I like SR's idea of having lectures. We could learn a lot from that. And I like not having them in IRC, cause that never works.

4. The people that are posting are the most important. People do answer basically every question that gets posted, but there aren't many great questions posted. We have nobody else to look to other than ourselves.

5. Joking around, off-topic posts, newbies, lamers, *insert more here*, have always been here. Have always been everywhere. Will always be here, and everywhere. So ignore them if you are annoyed of them. Otherwise, don't bother flaming, what good does that do? Just let them be, and help if you can/want.
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