Ok. I'm back yet again, but with a different view of UGN Security after talking to Gizmo for quite a while...

I'd just like to state my opinion on the points that Mornse brought up:

1. I care a bit about the design. I have a fairly slow computer that I use to access the internet, and when I do, I don't want to be downloading a dozen huge images every time I visit the UGN Security website - all I was talking to Gizmo about was a new "slick", "fast" design (check the logs folks, those were the words I used!) with a new backend that I offered to make - one that would have a searchable database and a simple interface. That's what I meant by "new design". The offer on the PHP coding still stands.

2. Well, hell, I agree with Mornse here - new content=better.

3. I would gladly host programming lectures, write tutorials, etc. I have written a number on my website and any of those would make a useful topic - anything from PHP to C++ to mod_auth in Apache.

4. If nobody posts great questions, it's really not the experienced people's problem. I believe that the hackers of the future had better do their reading, then come and ask questions with a little knowledge. I'm a huge proponent of well-focused questions, not very general ones like "How does a protocol work?" although those questions can often make a good lecture - think of doing a lecture on this: "what is a port and what does it do?" - that would make a fairly useful lecture, considering the thread that it was posted in had a ton of useful information (As well as SR and I parrying over int's and unsigned ints.)

5. I'm a "when i'm at work, do only work" person. I, quite frankly, hate off-topic forums, joke forums, lamers, (i'll plaigarize from Mornse here: *insert more here*). I will, however, do my best to ignore (& stay out of) those forums.

Now, as to SR's comments (I'll just comment on his #3)

The programming forum rots primarily because we're all obsessed with using programs other people have written for stuff rather than doing it ourselves. There's not much wrong with that. BUT maybe if we dissected a few cool tools, or wrote some code and explained it, then maybe the coding forums would be more active. I know that I am primarily a programmer, so if anyone has any serious questions for the forums, I'll work at answering them.

However, I think that there is an integral problem with the programming forums, and that is that they are divided up incorrectly. We should remove the SmartCards forums (What the hell is a smart card!?) and follow RRFN's forum split-up: HTML, Java, CGI, Flash, PHP, and C/C++.