You need 2 tables as I see it.

table 1
  URL    varchar (255)
  hits   int (11)
  last_hit_time varchar (15)
  id     int (11) auto increment key id uniqu
  ip varchar (20)
  time varchar (15)
  bowser varchar (100)
  reffer varchar (150)
  id int(11) auto increment key id, uniqu

$ip = "$REMOTE_ADDR"; //Grabs IP addy(built in variable in PHP)
$browser = "$HTTP_USER_AGENT"; //grabs browser info(built in to PHP)
$refferer = "$HTTP_USER_AGENT"; //dosen't allways work, but grabs refferer info (built into PHP)

The form tag could use the GET method to another page like I did in the RRFN. RRFN.php action attribute sends you to Database.php?keyword=What_you_searched_for


(form action="other_page.php" method="GET")
(!--some form stuff--)


$ip = "$REMOTE_ADDR";  
$browser = "$HTTP_USER_AGENT";  
$refferer = "$HTTP_USER_AGENT";  
$URL = "$What_ever_you_named_it";
$this_date = date(see url for format options n/;

//MYSQL_login crap here

$dg = mysql_query(SELECT * FROM table1 where URL = '$URL');
   $num_rows = mysql_num_rows($dg);
     if ($num_rows < 1){
        $dh = mysql_query("Insert into table1(feild names here)values(variable names here)");
         // repeate above for table 2
         While ($dg2 = mysql_fetch_array($dg)){
             get count from table 1
             now $count = $count++;
             do an Update set feild name = '$variable'
That is rough, but that is basicaly how I would do it.
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