Welp, scallion gave some input... Still thinkin of how to go about it lol...

Scallion: .
Scallion: you're unclear as to what you want
Gizmo: how so?
Gizmo: lol
Gizmo: i said
Gizmo: i want a script that
Gizmo: if you enter script.php?url=siteurl
Gizmo: it'll log the site url in a mysql db
Gizmo: if it's new
Gizmo: and if it exists it'll append a count to the db sayin how many times it's been accessed
Scallion: oh that's easy
Gizmo: does the post make sense now?
Gizmo: heh
Scallion: yeah a little more
Scallion: you should be able to do that on your own ;-)
Gizmo: :/
Scallion: do it like this
Scallion: redirect.php?url=xyz.com
Scallion: have a database like this:
Scallion: CREATE TABLE urls (url TEXT, num INT, id [int not null primary key blah blah blah])
Scallion: then in redirect.php, just access that table, if a select * from urls where url=$_GET[url] returns 0 rows, create a new row
Scallion: simple :-)
Gizmo: hos to have it append a numer to the amount of times it's been accesed?
Gizmo: better yet, what code to use to send user to site heh
Scallion: oh well put <?php header("Location: url"); ?> at the top of the page to redirect
Scallion: to append the num of times accessed, update a row with the url to add one to 'num' in the table.
Scallion: or use javascript to redirect.
Gizmo: mmmk
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