There is absolutely no way I would do this for you, other than you paying me for the services. The fact is, I wrote that script for my personal use. I released it publicly because I believed that some people may find a use for the code, and be able to include or adapt it for their own releases. I don't intend to write code updates for somebody who wants to use it for a really lame purpose that I honestly don't care about. As Gizmo has put it "We're not here to hold your hand while you piss."

So, to help you out here, I will NOT be writing code for you, and if I were you, I would think it unwise to keep persiting along this line of questioning.

Don't expect to come into a community like this, ask a question, and expect everyone to drop everything they're doing just to help you with your stupid little want to gain access to some lame account on some lame website. Those of us here who know how to write code have taken time and energy to do it, and having someone who has absolutely no knowledge on the subject, or a wish to learn on the subject, is insulting to all of us who do care about what we're learning and want to learn more.
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