Well I have a few domains that are not-in-use that I'm going to allow people to use if they can come up with a good use...

They are the following:

Up and coming domains:

Note that I will take offers for purchasing the domains above, but ONLY via PM. If you wish to use these domains please feel free to just ask.

01. Domain MUST be productive! If my domain is just sitting there I will take it back.
02. No illegal activities! Any illegal activities and you'll find my domain's NS entries changed.
03. You provide your own hosting (I sugguest HostNuke).
04. I reserve the right to give any input on the site.
05. I reserve the right to (at any time) take my domain back if I have a sales request (which is doubtful).
06. I reserve the right to deactivate the site due to content issues or immoral content.

All content belongs to the user who is using the site, I don't need your content and I believe that all work belongs to the site owner. I would however appreciate a mail forward of [email protected] forwarding to gizmo[at]undergroundnews[dot]com.

Note however that I require to know what you intend to do with the domain as well as I must know that the hosting has been acquired and development is ready.

Note that my information will be set as the admin owner on the domain, however I refuse to be the admin contact of your hosting.
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