This is just an addition to my original post. Basically this is another Java Script Password Protector, but this one is a little bit harder to get through than the other. However, once again I will say this is not a safe way to protect a page, so look into other ways of password protecting a page if you want to do it.

How To Do It:

Start with your original page called page1.html On this page have the below link to an middle page between the original and the one the password protects.

Enter Here

This link takes you to a middle page which has the password script on it. The script is below.

Middle Page

I won't explain this much, but basically it asks for a password, if its correct it takes you to the third page, page3.html, if its not the correct it takes you back to the original page. If this is confusing to you check my original post because it goes into great detail on each part. The reason this is better than the first is because in the first all the viewer must do is open the source of the page to see the password. With this new script the viewer can still open the source to see the password, but since the script is on a middle page it makes it so that the viewer must turn of the use of scripts in his browser so that he can view the source. This just takes a little more thinkin on the viewers side, and hopefully will protect you more. I'm sure gizzy or someone will have some other way to get around this besides turning off the scripts, but thats because they are too smart. The point is if you are going to use a javascript protected page, this second script is better than the first I posted.

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