i like the idea, but its a thong, not too much room for wording... :)..

At this point all we have are Email addresses, we should be getting some liscence plate holders, some bumper stickers, key rings, cup holders, and pen's. Other than that i'm open to sugguestions from you all.

The email addresses will be both pop3 and aliasing, a small varient fee is for either.

Liscence plate holders will be like those ones that come with a new car.

Bumper stickers will be drawn up later, we're not even working on a design for them yet.

Key rings are still in the art phaise just as bumperstickers and cup holders.

Pen's will be lanyards (be the type of pen that you have a nylon neccolace type feature that you put around your neck).

I value any and all input from those of you whom wish to give it.
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