first of all, dont try and act smart or make up bullshit about urself. we will just think less of you. which is not really possible anymore. first off, i am cooler than you, this is a fact, therefore i dont have to provide any proof of that. Any person who can't figure out how to send someone a file does not have an IQ of 160. In fact, any idiot with basic knowledge of mIRC can send someone a virus. Second of all, you didnt know how to get a file you coded in PHP to run. Missing the fact you didnt have processor/interpreter and any other name it may have, for it. This does not demonstrate an IQ of 160. Nor do I believe if you owned three companys u would have the time nor patience to argue with a 15 year old who is obviosuly intellectually superior. Now please STFU before I kill you.

(Ed. Note - "quiere" is the spanish verb for "he/she wants" in a loving/erotic manor. Jon happens to be in front of it. Therefore it is "Jon, he wants" in Spanish. Poor grammar, but I just assume you are talking about yourself in 3rd person, as many teenage girls do, when attempting to say you have a crush on someone without 'tipping' them off, so to speak. But this is a moot point considering you go by "Jonqueer" anyway. BTW, When I said I was going to kill you, I wasn't being literal. So please dont lose any sleep over it.")

(Ed. Note Parte Dos - If you really know 6 languages I find it hard to believe you dont know enough Spanish to decipher that :/)